Tuning & Diagnostics

We are happy to do all types of tuning and diagnostics for your motorcycle or scooter (both for the road or for racing). Be it a simple sports exhaust or new heavy duty chain & sprockets.

If you feel you are hitting your head against a brick wall trying to identify a niggling fault on your vehicle we are here to help with our diagnostics service too… We have a cost effective system that we work to which gets to the cause of the problem in as little time as possible. This in turn keeps your bill to a minimum & gets you back on the road as quick as possible! We will systematically check & test signals, components, wiring & motors. We are not in the habit of just changing components with the idea that “it’s probably this unit” which is the way many companies operate.

motorcycle tuning

We can also undertake all your mechanical requirements such as shimming and engine strips/rebuilds (including full crank rebuilds in-house service) as well as the addition of new performance parts like race camshafts, hi-compression pistons or big bore kits (for both road and off road vehicles).